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Saint-Petersburg Open Feis and Grade Exams - Visa support

Welcome to the Saint-Petersburg Open Feis!

Usually, foreign citizens needs a visa to travel to Russian Federation.

You can found the full list of documents required for the tourist visa on the website of Embassy of Russia in your country. List of diplomatic and consular missions can be found at the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia:

We can help you to get the tourist visa by providing the tourist invitation (tourist voucher) on demand.

To send you the invitation we need:
- scanned copy of your passport, sent by e-mail
- dates of your stay in Russia (based on your tickets)
- name and the address of the hotel where you will stay
- prepayment for the invitation (20.- euro/person)
- if you are planning to visit other cities besides Saint-Petersburg please specify them.

Please note, arriving in Russia you need to fill in the migration cards at the border and to make a registration at the hotel where you will stay.

After receiving all data and prepayment we will send you the tourist invitation by e-mail.
Please note that we provide the invitations (vouchers) only for the TOURIST visa.